Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise Foundation “Chips in” to make it $62,000.

bendigo Bank Community Ent


After Bendigo Bank branches across regional Victoria raised $40,000 through seven golf events earlier this year, State Manager for Regional Victoria Tim Rodda, invited Tee Up for Kids to apply for a $20,000 Community Enterprise Foundation grant for out of home care children in the Geelong area.

Tee Up for Kids partnered with MacKillop Family Services in applying for funding and were delighted to receive a grant of $20,000 handed over at MacKillop’sSpecialist School in Geelong on 13 September.

MacKillop Family Services’ schools and education programs cater for students who are disengaged or who are at risk of disengaging from education, including children in out of home care.

The grant funds are to be used in an educational Aboriginal cultural awareness program across the school.  The program will be led by Nathan Patterson (a proud Wagiman man from Torquay) with a focus on students’ story telling, art  and the creation of an indigenous garden.

Indigenous children are vastly over-represented in out-of- home care with 12 of the 70 children at the MacKillop Specialist School from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

The aim of the program funded, as well as promoting Aboriginal cultural awareness, is to:

  • allow the children to experience success with learning;
  • increase confidence of children who have otherwise been disengaged from education; and,
  • to develop social and emotional learning in small groups.

Tee Up for Kids has been delighted to partner with Bendigo Bank, who have this year raised and donated $62,000 for out-of-home care children right across all of regional Victoria, with final tally of donations going to:

Anglicare                                             $19,000

Berry Street                                         $16,000

MacKillop Family Services                  $27,000


Our heartfelt thanks again and appreciation to the selfless work of Bendigo Bank staff right across regional Victoria, for directly improving the lives of at least 62 out-of-home care children across regional Victoria.


Bendigo Bank Euchuca
Bendigo Bank Euchuca
Bendigo Bank Euchuca and Anglicare

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    May 2017

    Bendigo Bank and their supporters have raised a whopping $40,000 for the Tee Up for Kids Foundation in golf tournaments and other activities in eight Regions around the State.

    The bank employees in each region did a marvellous job in putting together the tournaments and the turn-out for each of them was outstanding.

    This money will provide education assistance to 40 local children living in out of home foster care in the State.

    “It’s particularly rewarding to know that all funds raised in each region will stay in the region,” said  Tim Rodda, State Manager, Regional Victoria for Bendigo Bank.

    “It will be spent on providing local children with a better start in life through targeted educational programs.”

    For each $1,000 raised in a region, direct educational benefits will be provided to a local disadvantaged child, leading to improved numeracy and literacy, a happier school experience and better concentration levels and personal wellbeing.

    The funds raised from local golf tournaments and region casual-for-a-cause days were:  

    • Region 337 raised $4K which will go to Anglicare to help 4 local children
    • Region 339 raised $1K which will go to Anglicare to help 1 local child
    • Region 341 raised $6K which will go to Anglicare to help 6 local children
    • Region 342 raised $8K which will go to Anglicare to help 8 local children
    • Region 344 raised $5K which will go to the McKillop Agency to help 5 local children
    • Region 345 raised $11K which will go to the McKillop Agency to help 11 local children
    • Region 338 and 348 jointly raised $5K which will go to the McKillop Agency to help 5 local children

    TUFK Chairman, Ian McPherson passed on the Foundation’s sincere thanks and gratitude for all the hard work of the Bank’s staff in arranging the competitions. “The efforts of everyone, along with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Bank’s people to the Foundation’s work was most pleasing and gratifying. Their sheer efforts have set benchmarks for community giving and commitment to community welfare. It is an absolute credit to the Bank and all its staff.”

    Over the coming months TUFK’s representatives will visit each region with a local representative from Anglicare or the McKillop agency and possibly Mr Bernie Geary, retired Victorian Commissioner for Children & Young People, to personally thank our staff for their efforts. 

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  • Justin Greiner, David Paradice back 'structured giving' to charities



    Jane Rowe and Justin Greiner, who says the impact charities have must be considered when donating to them

    By: Sarah Thompson, Australian Financial Review

    Photo: Steven Siewert

    The days when an organisation or wealthy family simply donates to a bunch of charities because they are a good cause with low running costs may be drawing to an end.

    Justin Greiner, chief executive of wealth management group JBWere and a committee member of Financial Industry Community Aid Program, says the more focused "structured- giving" approach favoured in the United States is the way forward for corporate philanthropy.

    Greiner's FICAP and veteran fund manager David Paradice are putting this approach to the test this year by backing The Mirabel Foundation, which helps children that have been orphaned or abandoned by drug-addicted parents.

    FICAP, which is perhaps best known for its Who wants to be a RockStar event pitched at the Sydney financial services community, has raised more than $1 million for youth charities since it was established a decade ago.

    But rather than spread this money over numerous targets, in 2016 it will focus on just three: Mirabel; Sydney community group Weave; and The Shepherd centre which helps hearing impaired children.

    "We need to move beyond thinking about administration expenses when it comes to judging effectiveness of charitable organisations, but rather be focused on the impact that they are having," Greiner says. "In our experience, donors want to see a clear purpose, good governance, and where the money is going."

    See the story on ABC 7:30

    Growing trend

    "There's a growing trend here – which we have already seen in the US – of people gravitating towards structured giving … this is where organisations and families make a deliberate decision to focus on one or two charities that they can be aligned with."

    FICAP's committee also includes Chris Larsen from private equity group Ironbark Asset Management, ANZ executive Helen Blackford, and Jackie Boylan from BT Financial Group, so it should come as no surprise it is drawing on some of the principles of successful investing.

    They note a recent study by Social Ventures Australia – an organisation run by former Pacific Equity Partners executive Rob Koczkar that advises charities on increasing their social impact – found that $6 of social and economic value was created for every $1 invested in Mirabel.

    In keeping with FICAP's view that a larger, targeted donation will have a more significant impact, Greiner says the organisation hopes to raise $200,000 for Mirabel. "That's enough to get some sustainable programs off the ground as well as help connect Mirabel with the financial services community," he says.

    The view is shared by Paradice, the founder of Paradice Investment Management at time when drugs such as methamphetamine are putting large numbers of Australian children at risk. "It's about working together to improve the lives of others and Jane Rowe's efforts are inspiring," he says. A former drug and alcohol councillor, Rowe founded Mirabel in Victoria 17 years ago and has run the charity ever since.

    "At Mirabel, when a family or a child is referred to us, it's often the last stop – they hear about it when they have been so burnt out there's nowhere else to turn." She says primarily the FICAP funding will provide "workers who can be at the end of the phone when that call comes through."

    Rowe established Mirabel after witnessing first-hand what happens to the children of parents who die from drugs. She recalls attending the funeral of the young mother of a six-year-old boy with a biological family that had no idea he existed.

    Rowe estimates Mirabel needs almost $2.5 million a year to meet the demand for its community workers. The group supports over 1500 children and referrals have doubled from three years ago to nine new children a week.

    She says at Mirabel, there is no waiting list. "When someone is in crisis, they are in crisis and we have to be there to provide whatever emotional support they may need. That first call is about establishing a relationship but Mirabel stays with the family through the years, until a child turns 18.

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