About Corporate Caddies


Life's tough for kids in Out of Home Care

Tee-up for Kids Children’s Foundation has established Corporate Caddies to provide young people in Out of Home Care with an opportunity to grasp life in both hands.

Corporate Caddies has the patronage of the world's No. 1 caddie Steve Williams who currently carries the bag for champion golfer Adam Scott. 

Any golfer will tell you that carrying a bag of clubs around a golf course can be tough; it’s hard enough just concentrating on technique, weather conditions, rules, club choice, scores and playing partners without the additional burden of dragging heavy clubs around.

What a relief – and a luxury – it is for golfers to have someone carry the bag for them so they can get on with concentrating on the game.

But the circumstances of young people who live in Out of Home Care make a golfer’s burden pale into insignificance; the baggage they’re carrying is horrendous and almost beyond comprehension for most of us.

Their young lives have seen the awful consequences of abandonment, neglect and physical and sexual assault. The legacy of their trauma makes it virtually impossible for them to manage alone; they need someone to help them with their exceptionally heavy load.

These kids need the support of an organisation which can help them travel the fairways of life and stay on the straight and narrow; one that can provide both the emotional and financial support they need to ease the burden.


Kids in Out of Home Care deserve help

The benchmarks for the well-being of a child in Out of Home Care are exactly the same as those we apply to our own children’s lives: health, happiness, friendship and education. 

But the real challenge is getting children, who are lacking in trust and are traumatised and disillusioned, to believe that they can achieve at school. They need the best teachers and mentors, and the most responsive environment. 

All-too-often foster parents or kinship carers are unable to provide adequate financial support for the children in their care. The task for them is just too heavy; that’s where Corporate Caddies come in.

How can my organisation get involved? 

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